Boiler Range

Over the last 46 years, we have been dedicated to finding the best boiler manufacturer to give our clients the utmost satisfaction with the work we provide. For this reason, we only install Worcester Bosch boilers as they offer an extensive range of heating products to suit all applications.

We trust the excellent warranties supplied by Worcester Bosch, lasting for up to 12 years.  At Steven R Barnes & Son Ltd, we pride ourselves in having an excellent relationship with Worcester Bosch for they have created efficient, durable heating products that we have full confidence in.

With nearly 50 years of fitting boilers under our belt, we continue to install boilers which match the requirements of each clients’ unique property. This gives our clients the most effective heating system we can provide, as each system is tailored to their needs. We choose these boilers from the Worcester Bosch ‘2000’, ‘I’ and ‘Lifestyle’ ranges.

As we know hot water is an important factor in boiler design, we go to great lengths to discuss the various options available with our clients to ensure they have optimum hot water production and storage in their home.

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